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Pretty good game imo :).


- Simple yet engaging setting and backstory(motivates you to help the insects).

- Skill-based game (no RNG involved).

- No microtransactions whatsoever.

- No pay-to-win characters or DLC.

- Increasingly challenging but fair.

- Good interactions with the environment.

- Overall good level design.


- No Dark Souls references or Easter Eggs.

- It ends.

In Summary: Better than a lot of stuff triple A studios are putting out there these days.


Hi Filipe!

Thank you for you feedback.

I'll keep in mind to add Dark Souls references in the future. Or maybe make a new game... Dark Insect's Souls.... What do you think?

All the best,


Now we´re talking :).

If you ever need a loremaster, you know where to find me hehehe.


Nice little game! Here's my feedback, as requested on twitter ;)


- I like the idea with changing the bug types! More specific characteristics for each type would be interesting!

- Lighthearted graphics. Pretty!


- You can get stuck on edges and the hitboxes seem a bit off

Thanks for you feedback.

The game needs fixing in several places. I will continue making improvements.

I'm thinking of making the characters differences more evident progressively, with each level. 

Thanks for you comment.