Since the last Devlog, I created a Trello board  to organize the project and I'm trying to do with Scrum (at least to split the work to do).

I am currently in Sprint 1. Working on the basic mechanics. As I still have a full time job, I only can work on the game on my spare time. I've created some menu images and screen configurations to make it possible to do different prototypes / tests on different buttons instead of creating separate projects for each test.

I decided to generate an html5 export of the prototype I was doing and I discovered that it had problems. I spent the entire weekend in this investigation and only yesterday discovered that the way I was relating the objects, actors, and scenes was incorrect. Finally I discovered the problem with export and I was able to generate an artifact to deploy, I ended up not publishing to but I tested it with a local server in python.

I also created a twitter account to share the information of the game: @lelostrzal

Unfortunately the game itself has not taken shape yet. But I was glad to have discovered these mistakes before I spent more time trying to develop something without foundation.

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