Devlog-03 - End of Sprint 1

This weekend my first Sprint ended. :)

I’m happy with the work I did, but sadly I couldn’t complete all the stories I initially planned, but at the same time I did several other things I did not plan at all.

It took me almost all saturday to fix the html5 export version of the game as well as change the screen size. As for now, the game dimensions will be 800x480 pixels with 32x32 pixels tiles.

I also tested exporting to android and desktop, and fixed some issues I had with them. Some code maintenance was overdue so I did some refactoring.

I continue to learn a lot about LibGdx and now I can see that I underestimated the learning process. It will take longer to be skilled. :(

Today I started sprint 2

As for the next steps, I intend to continue the prototype development and hopefully I will finish several important functionalities needed for the game.

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